1. Winners don't quit & quitters don't win
  2. Winners are simply willing to do what losers won't
  3. If you want to do it, you'll find a way - If you don't, you'll find an excuse
  4. If you fail to plan - You plan to fail

The Fitness Factory Charity Boxing Night:


Training & Participating:


Training for the event will be hard however fun and rewarding. With this, all the participants are required to train together in sessions that will be held up to four times a week. Two sessions will be fitness based while the other two will be more skills based. The training is designed to teach you the skills and technique to be able to box competitively in the main event. During the training you will start to reap the rewards of feeling fitter, stronger and being in the best condition of your life.

At the end you will experience a great sense of personal achievement and pride. All participants receive 10 weeks of training which will be carried out under the watchful eye of professionals as well as experienced boxing and fitness instructors. You must provide your own training clothing and gum shield. All else is optional to buy, or you can use provided equipment.


Keeping Safe:


On the night, all of the participants are required to wear full safety gear which includes: A head guard, 16oz gloves, a gum shield and protectors. Alongside this, medics are on hand to ensure that the event is a safe experience for all. All the bouts are matched on size, weight and ability.


On The Night Rules:


On Fight Night itself all bouts will last for 3 x 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in-between. 16oz gloves and head guards must be worn by all participants, you must have a gum shield that fits properly and groin guards must be worn (optional for women).


How Does It Work?:


All competitors raise money for the selected charity, whether it is selling tickets or getting sponsorships.


Ticket Allocation:


The venue holds a maximum of 180 people so tickets will go fast, however to ensure that all participants get people there to watch there is a starting limit of 10 on the amount of tickets a person can have.


Ticket Prices:


Tickets prices vary for Ringside and Non-Ringside. Ringside tickets are £35 and Non-Ringside are £30. All tickets include a hot meal and the tables seat a maximum of 10 people.


Next Scheduled Event:


Watch this space for our next event.




Mosborough Hall Hotel


Up For It?:


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